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Female Driving Instructor Services Available in Orlando, FL

Female Driving Instructor Services Available in Orlando, FL

Female Driving Instructor Services Available in Orlando, FLFemale Driving Instructor Services Available in Orlando, FLFemale Driving Instructor Services Available in Orlando, FL




Any Lesson Package can be upgraded to the next level, if necessary, at the cost of the next level of each lesson.  While Lessons beyond twelve hours are rare and exceptional, Lessons are not limited to twelve hours if student/parent and instructor deem it necessary to have more Lessons. Lesson begins at scheduled time stated in contract and/or payment receipt. Therefore, Instructor will arrive on time and end instruction on time with the exception of unforeseen circumstances beyond control, for which Instructor or office will contact student and explain delay.

When student is a NO-SHOW,there will be a binding penalty of $30 when Student does not arrive at vehicle within 15 minutes of scheduled lesson or make contact to notify Instructor they are on the way. Regardless, lesson hour will not be adjusted. All Students must sign Lesson Agreement Form accordingly.

All CANCELLATIONS must be within 24 hours to avoid $30 penalty.

Student is required, and therefore must, at all times during each and every Lesson follow Instructor's direction. Instructor as needed will professionally remind student of rules/law of driving. Evident and/or obvious failure to follow Instructor's directions and instructions can result in an immediate discontinuance and termination of Lesson. Additionally, this can result in Student being removed from driver’s seat and taken back to point of pick-up.  Only then, a refund will be issued within (5) business days, only for total Lesson hours not used, excluding hour of discontinuance.

Furthermore, all students must comply with the most recently revised 'Official Florida Driver License Handbook' - currently 2018, giving special attention to pages 61 and 62 regarding DUI (driving under the influence).  If an accident occurs under a Student’s DUI,  resulting in anything and everything that includes injury and/or property damages, while Student is behind the wheel of the School’s vehicle, Student and/or Parent(s)will be held liable for such. “An American Driving School” strongly recommends, if Student is taking any of the substances listed on page 61, he/she need to get written advice or permission from a Licensed Medical Professional about restraining from using any of these substances until lessons are completed. In addition, please refer to pg 71 of the Handbook.  Student should inform the Driving School of other conditions such as Seizures, Epilepsy, etc.

School agrees to provide State Certified, Professional and Experienced Instructor during entire course of Lesson and Road Test preparation, as well as, a safe vehicle equipped with dual brake, good condition, road worthy, properly licensed and insured according to State law.


There are no refunds with the exception of a discontinuance initiated by the Instructor based on the Instructor’s discretion determining non-cooperative conduct as specified above. "An American Driving School" is committed to fulfilling every written agreement to Customer's satisfaction within 30 days of the initially scheduled Lesson. The Customer, however, may request delay in lesson or an extension of time for Lesson due to other activities or circumstances.  As long as "An American Driving School" demonstrates and makes every effort to satisfy the written contract within a reasonable amount of time, there will be no refunds.


"An American Driving School" do not bombard or exert you with complicated, confusing, excessive and lengthy disclosures or policies, excessive advertisements, and history of Driving School.

It will not deliberately withhold any information you are entitled to. Our Privacy Policy is clear and precise in terms easy to understand.  

"An American Driving School" or it's affiliates will by no means use or release any information you provide nor obtained for Customers, as pertaining to driving instruction, personal data such as your name, your address, your progress or other relative information to you or your identity.  This includes data relating to payment methods or source of payments. All inclusive with the exception of a court order or summons.  Your information will not be released to or sold to any third parties or solicitors.

On no uncertain terms, can or will "An American Driving School" or any affiliation, be held responsible or accountable for any entity of your choice or decision, to personally and voluntarily provide any of your data. Such entities have their own privacy policies. Such entities could be, but are not restricted to, The Better Business Bureau, Department of Motor Vehicles, Newspapers and other media, electronic or otherwise.

Should you wish to provide a testimonial of your experience, via media in the form of a picture, video, or social platform, "An American Driving School" will require your written consent.


Our School provides safe School Vehicles equipped with a dual-brake system, properly registered and maintained.

All instructors have exceptional law abiding driving skills to share for safety and survival and fun on the roadways. They are also certified, professionals and thoroughly investigated.

Each Instructor is qualified and dedicated to help every student discover their ability and reach their potential as quickly as possible and offer professional driving counsel as needed.