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Female Driving Instructor Services Available in Orlando, FL

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One of our female driving instructors at work in Orlando, FL

 (2) Hour minimum   = $145.00

•  AADS will instruct you according to your ability, your experience and age.

This way, we guide you to success, no matter what Lesson Package you choose.

•  Road Skills Exam/Road Test are practiced effectively with (6), (8), (10), & (12) Hour Lesson Packages (pgs 88-89 of Florida Official Driver License Handbook).

•  Evening-Driving Lessons and Expressway Instructions are available.

AADS teach Stick-Shift (Standard) as well, but Student must provide their own vehicle, and the vehicle must be insured, safe, and in good repair.

 (4) Hours =  $255.00 

 (6) Hours =  $345.00 

 (8) Hours =  $435.00 

(10) Hours =  $490.00 


(12) Hours   =   $575.00

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Female Instructor Available:

Having the option to choose is an American way.  A female driving Instructor can contribute to peace of mind for parents and spouses in light of the unfortunate and recent incidents plaguing  our society.  Being aware of such behaviors has made AADS a school that is alert to practicing proper techniques, verbiage and professionalism that leave no questions or doubts in the minds of all concerned. Each of our students will feel comfortable and without threat during their driving lesson.

Behind the wheel driving lessons 

require close proximity between 

Instructor and student.  It's always

refreshing to know you and your child or spouse has options. 

April 2019 in Carver, Massachusetts

a driving instructor was accused of inappropriately touching  three teen girls during their lessons.  He denied the allegations. Fortunately all instructors don't behave in this fashion but it's nice to know you have an option.